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Sizzle: Chapter 1: What it Takes to Write Good Content - A Preview

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This chapter of the book, Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce SEO, is What It Takes to Write Good Content

A Preview:

The most difficult aspect of digital marketing is writing useful, comprehensive content that produces results.

A writing job at a medium-sized e-commerce company should be a great entry-level position for English majors graduating from any college or university. However, a new graduate with a four-year English degree, is ill-prepared with paltry skills in writing website content that is unique, updatable, specific, and useful.

If writing quality content on the web or starting a blog was so easy and profitable, why isn’t there an in-rush of 30-year-old millionaire writers?

Here is a news report you have never heard:

“Another batch of English majors sold their writing blog for $50M dollars last week. The writing conglomerate of IU graduates, class of 2017, struck gold! Five long-time friends got together for a drink after graduation, and they decided to form a company. Three years later, they became millionaires - all before the age of 30.”

Writing content on the web requires a combination of creativity and brevity.

Good content is comprehensive yet has no fluff.

Ad copy must entice a person to click on that listing and include important keywords, branding, incentives, benefits, geographical location, target audience, and activities without being longer than 65 characters for Title Tags and about 250 characters for Meta Descriptions.

A product description that convinces someone to purchase an item from YOUR website has to paint a picture in the visitor’s mind using bullet points.

A masterpiece article is one that ranks on the first page for numerous keyword phrases, gets thousands of shares, and earns hundreds of backlinks from relevant high-authority websites. Creating a page that can be visually scanned for utilitarian purposes is crucial for success. This type of writing takes years to perfect.

It takes 3 seconds for a person to decide if a website is worth their time before they bounce back to the search engine result pages. Most of that analysis is the scannability of the page content, not design. People look for congruent content and it must be readily apparent using boldface keywords, bullet points, and decorated links to determine if the page is worth their time.

This writing style takes knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment. Writing for e-commerce sites is even more stringent. Every e-commerce site is given the same manufacturers’ description for each product they sell. Sadly, companies rely on this content almost exclusively to sell those products.

Unfortunately, relying solely on manufacturers’ descriptions will never differentiate your site from your online competition’s. Writing unique, specific, updatable content is a requirement to effectively compete.

There is a new way to write content that produces results without having to write new content for each page. This new method will differentiate your site from others’, and it will adhere to Google’s best practices without so much writing.

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