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Sizzle: Chapter 9: Site Build-Out - A Preview

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This chapter of the book, Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce SEO, is Chapter 9: Site Build-Out

A Preview:

Page templates can serve a valuable role in the creation and organization of function-driven content. In order to properly discuss page templates, there must be some overlap in the area of information architecture.

An SEO may create the same look and feel for a department page template as a category and subcategory template. The difference is the type of information that appears in each section.

The organic search channel requires a multidisciplinary approach for effective optimization. This is one of the reasons why the training with John’s company required so many different people with diverse expertise.

I brought up a few slides that I had created the evening before.

Normal E-Commerce Page Templates Include:

  • Home Page
  • General About Pages
  • Blog (perhaps)
  • Category
  • SubCategory
  • Product Pages
  • Variant product pages
  • Info & Check Out Related Pages

“Build-out is an important strategy in creating a profitable site.” “On the next slide, you will see a hierarchy of template opportunities for a function-driven site. Each of these have the potential to attract thousands of keyword phrases and searchers.”

  • Homepage
  • Department Templates
  • Category Templates
  • Subcategory Templates
  • Brand Page Templates *
  • Brand + Category Templates *
  • Family/Model Templates
  • Product Pages
    • Multi-Variant Product Templates
    • Variant Product Templates *
  • Review Templates (very important)
    • Department Review
    • Category Review
    • Subcategory Review
    • Brand Review
    • Brand + Category Review
    • Product Review

“We will begin with the highest level of templates, the department pages.”.

“How can department names help with natural language processing exactly? I have heard about NLP quite a bit in the past 3 years, but haven’t looked into it much,” Tim said.

“Natural language processing is simply using data to help create sentences that read naturally.”

For example:

We have 190 2-man tents available in 6 colors ranging from 3-season to 4-season including waterproof tents.

Everyone nodded in agreement. They liked the sound of that sentence especially since they could see now how our data could be integrated into our page copy.


  • We have [productCount] [Subcatname] [CatName] available in [quality.colors.Category] ranging from [Specification1.Cat,2] including [Specification2.SubCat] [subcategoryName].


  • We have 190 2-man tents available in 6 colors ranging from 3-season to 4-season including waterproof tents.


  • We have 47 long-distance backpacks available in 3 colors ranging from Top Opening to Side Opening including waterproof backpacks.


  • We have 5,835 Trail Running Shoes available in 14 colors ranging from Zero Drop to Full Cushion including Fully Recycled Material Shoes.

Chapter 10: Adding Incentives & Benefits

This is the new paradigm of e-commerce search engine optimization.

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