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Sizzle: Chapter 3: Indirect Content Marketing is Dead - A Preview

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This chapter of the book, Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce SEO, is Indirect Content Marketing is Dead

A Preview:

The current paradigm, indirect content marketing, in search engine optimization, site development, and non-paid organic search marketing is crippling the industry, revenue, and profits.

Once you review 2 or 3 popular e-commerce sites after reading this book, you’ll see the current paradigm and how it limits those sites organic revenue and visiblity. The problem and answer to optimizing an e-commerce site is plain to see once the paradigm is defined. So let’s define it.

It seems that the paradigm, that I call “E-Commerce 2.0”, is all about the following:

Creating ancillary content to gain links and relevance to INDIRECTLY boost a site's reputation, visibility, ranking, and linkability in order to hopefully rank for e-commerce pages.

Marketers are hopeful that a traffic boost will cascade to a boost in sales or registrations. Marketers use ancillary content as the beginning of a content funnel that they hope will lead to revenue.

When marketing professionals discussed website content from 2005-2016, their first recommendation was to “start a blog.” That idea spawned “E-Commerce 2.0.” The idea was to create content to drive traffic and a portion of those visitors would purchase services or products.

Since Google’s Page Rank algorithm was known to help popular websites in the rankings, short-sighted marketers recommended blogs as a way to gain links from other sites. This increase, it was thought, would help the money pages rank better as well.

The strategy was as follows:

Back to Baseline

  1. Write content
  2. People will link to your content
  3. More links = higher ranking
  4. The entire site ranks higher including product pages
  5. More organic search revenue
  6. The entire site ranks higher including product pages


People will find your great content and make a purchase after reading the blog posts, using your online tool, or seeing a detailed review of the product.

This was the beginning of E-Commerce 2.0, unfortunately it does not work well and never did.

Chapter 4: Get Ready for E-commerce 3.0

This is the new paradigm of e-commerce search engine optimization.

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