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Sizzle: Chapter 6: Functions, Variables, & Shortcodes - A Preview

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This chapter of the book, Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce SEO, is Chapter 6: Functions, Variables, & Shortcodes

A Preview:

Functions, Variables, and Shortcodes are not synonymous with search engine optimization. Functions are commonly written and used by programmers, but soon they may be used by content writers.

We began training the SEOs and content writers to ensure they knew exactly what the process would be when writing e-commerce content. We wanted them involved in the process to help customize and internalize it.

John was asked to attend each session, though he was aware of everything we were going to teach. John’s presence ensures everyone is aware of the importance of this new strategy. Leaders should always lead from the front and provide a good example by participation. It sends a message.

I began the day's session with three different brands of coffee, a staple among SEOs, and a few healthy breakfast snacks, to keep them satisfied.

Donuts and bagels may be fun to eat, but they make people tired, myself included. This type of training requires attention and alertness from the speaker and the learner.

After bonding through introductions and normal morning small talk, I began.

“Raise your hand if you have ever used MS Excel or Google Sheets.”

Everyone’s hand was raised.

I continued, “If you have used MS Excel, you have likely used a function to calculate the sum of a column, to calculate the average of a set of numbers, or to concatenate several cells to create a sentence or combine data.”

Even though John heard this information in a previous meeting, he still seemed interested in how I incorporated our previous conversation into a presentation to his staff. I continued with the basics, highlighting examples of commonly used MS Excel functions.

I brought up a PowerPoint slide that illustrated a few examples of functions that most people have used in MS Excel.


I paused for a few seconds for the big reveal and then advanced to the next slide.

“Instead of only having ‘Men’s Shoes’ appear in the title tag and H1 tag, we can have any of the following:

  • “Men’s Shoes Up To 32% Off on 549 Products”
  • “Men’s Shoes As Low As $32.99”
  • “Men’s Shoes Up to 32% Off”

We are selling the sizzle, not just the steak. This is E-commerce 3.0 using function-driven content... And this is just the beginning.

Chapter 7: Why Are Functions Useful?

This is the new paradigm of e-commerce search engine optimization.

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