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Lou Storiale, PMP, CSM is an experienced digital marketer with expertise in advanced SEO for e-commerce companies, SEM, information architecture, usability, and content writing for the web.

Every business is unique, but the rules, algorithms, and best practices are the same regardless of the industry, type of website, or business model including B2B, B2C, Nonprofit, Association, E-commerce, or Local Business.

Lou is one of the only SEOs in the United States with such a long history of success in SEO. Part of that success is due to the training received in project management by the Project Management Institute (PMP Certified), Scrum Agile Training, MS Database Admin, and the usability and information architecture courses led by Bruce Tognazini and Jakob Nielsen from the NNGroup.

Lou is committed to delivering results. Period. Check out this post on the Ultimate Guide To Title Tags

If you would like to learn how to optimize an e-commerce website, you'll enjoy Lou's recent publication on Amazon, entitled Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce Search Engine Optimization.

This book identifies the current thoughts and strategies behind modern SEO and uncovers why they ultimately fail. An additional 20 chapters covers advanced strategies that can be implemented to greatly improve an e-commerce site. Implementations have included a 2,000% improvement in visibility, 40-60% improvement in organic search revenue, and more.

website project manager pmp certified

Recent Website & Marketing Projects:

enterprise seo management services

Stop & Shop: A multi-billion dollar grocery store with hundreds of brick and mortar stores near New York. Lou conducted technical seo and consulting to Directors and Marketing Managers including site audits, on-page recommendations, site analytics using data studio, managed vendors, consulted with YEXT, usability heuristics, and created 4-phase seo project plan to ensure white-hat seo strategies were executed. Session increased by more than 150%, Visibility increased by 350%, Organic Search Revenue increased by more than 40%.

ecommerce seo giant food search marketing

Giant Food: A multi-billion dollar grocery store in the eastern United States with more than 10,000 brands, e-commerce pages, recipes, store location pages, and more. Lou conducted seo services including enterprise seo during and after a major site migration to a custom e-commerce platform. This site has more than 50K pages including static HTML, single-page app JavaScript, informational content, recipes, 20K e-commerce pages and more. Visibility increased 540% and Organic Revenue increased 220%.

e-commerce seo and site optimization with more than 30,000 pages

Food Lion: Food Lion has over 1,100 grocery store locations across the East Coast. Lou conducted SEO services, reporting, analytics, usability heuristic evaluations and site audits since July, 2020. Lou was also accountable for working with YEXT to ensure 1,110+ location data was updated daily, weekly, and monthly. Usability and weekly SEO content consultation was provided on e-commerce and local pages, which was crucial to management decisions during site migration to Prism e-commerce platform.

grocery store martins enterprise search engine optimization

Martin's Foods: Lou Storiale conducted website seo audits, seo analytics, site audits, c-level reporting, and a 4-phase seo project to enhance the site's visiblity and organic search revenue. Site gained 1,500% visibility increase during phase 1. Organic revenue increased by 160% Y/Y

e-commerce search engine optimization on giantfoodstore

Giant Food Stores: A subsidiary of The Giant Company, Lou conducted monthly and quarterly reporting, and created a comprehensive seo strategy to improve organic search. Lou helped increase the visiblity by more than 610% and organic search revenue by more than 40% from 2020-2021.

hannaford seo services and consulting

Hannaford: Saved Hannaford more than $1.7M dollars after catastrophic site migration in August, 2019. Consulted with Oracle (vendor) to solve geo-location app error, which led most organic search revenue in company history. Wrote e-commerce content with internal linking and text decoration, title tags and meta descriptions to improve site visibility and ranking. Consulted with digital marketing management on organic search strategy, conducted technical SEO audits, became certified in BrightEdge, and much more.

e-commere-commerce enterprise search engine optimization

OpticsPlanet: Lou Storiale conducted enterprise SEO, natural language processing, site audits, on-page optimization, 10x content writing, usability heuristic evaluations, seo training, and much more. Raised organic search revenue from $46M to $77M in two years. To date, they have made more than $100M more dollars from fixing penguin penalty, implementing function-driven content, and enacting white-hat organic strategies.

enterprise e-commerce search engine optimization

Campsaver: Managed the seo content migration while Campsaver moved from Magento to a custom e-commerce platform. Conducted seo statistical analysis, recommended content changes after migration to adhere to rigorous MAP pricing regulations and Google best practices.

directory website design

PMO Directory: The best and most comprehensive project management office directory for architectural, marketing, construction, IT software and hardware, pharmaceutical and general management consulting project management. This directory was live for 1 year before being bought out after producing first page placement for nearly every city, state, and business category.

insurance site design

Bankruptcy Insurance Solutions : The first company to offer insurance for filers of chapter 13 bankruptcy providing protection against loss of work due to work-related injury, strikes or lay-offs. This website was built to allow our client to create a state-specific site within 5 minutes without the need for additional development time, programming, marketing or design.

insurance website design project

Bader Company : The largest insurance company offering point-of-sale self-storage insurance, renters insurance, ATM insurance, and more.

We created a new and improved website design giving Bader Company the ability to expand their services offered to clients and new customers. This website achieved Google first page results in 6 weeks.

construction website design project

Westring Construction A construction company in Madison Wisconsin, We redesigned the website and gave it a professional look, a new logo and earned the trust of an excellent client.

This site achieved Google First Page Results in 3 weeks.

handyman website design project

Eco-Handyman The most creative handyman and construction website in the United States. This site reached Google's first page in 3 weeks.

government website design and content management

Chicago Public Library: the largest public library in the world, Lou Storiale managed the CPL content management system, updates, dynamic content, and served as Millennium Park digital collections project manager.

direct marketing website redesign project seo and usability

Professional Education Institute, one of the largest direct marketing companies in the United States, Lou worked as project manager, usability specialist, information architect, and advised the search engine optimization manager in order to launch this website within 9 weeks. This site acheived Google First Page Results in 3 weeks and tripled online sales in the first week after launch.

legal association website design project usability

Association of Legal Administrators: Managed a department accountable for 5 websites in a multi-project environment including an Aqualogic Portal. Managed and participated in the overhaul of, a 600+ page site in 8 weeks and launched 1 day early. Conducted extremely comprehensive usability study and created new user-friendly e-commerce registration forms for event registrations.

Annual Conference site visits increased by 156% among many other increases in website statistics.

nonprofit website redesign project

Hudson Institute: This site won the Gold Award for excellent design and functionality by the American Association of Webmasters.

Lou Storiale served as project portfolio manager, information architect and usability specialist from 2001-2007. Lou performed all content management, search engine optimization, staff training, usability and information architecture. Managed the bookstore and merchant accounts including the creation of board reports and statistical analysis. Created and managed all internet marketing and email campaigns.

nonprofit think tank website redesign project

Heartland Institute: A nationally known and respected think tank and research organization, Lou Storiale conducted a comprehensive usability study for Heartland Institute. This usability study led the organization to a successful redesign of their website launched in 2008. User-testing, member questionnaires, staff questionnaire and heuristic evaluations were conducted including an overhaul of the internal search functionality.

nonprofit think tank website design project

Sagamore Institute: From 2003-2007, Storiale Consulting Group worked as the organization's project portfolio manager and conducted all website initiatives for Sagamore Institute including marketing contests, content management, usability, information architecture, content manager for Spanish translations, tracking applications, and knowledge management systems. In 2008, Lou Storiale conducted a comprehensive usability and heuristic evaluation that helped lead the organization to a new design in 2009.

nonprofit tax coalition website design project

Center on Economic Progress: This site has over 10,000 publications including articles, tax law updates, tips and more. Lou Storiale re-organized the entire navigation and revitatized the site with a new design using world-class usability and information architecture standards. This site was supposed to be temporary, lasting only nine months. The site remained for three additional years, however, the new navagation and information architecture is still being used today.

nonprofit website design project

FASTEN: Faith and Services Technical Education Network: This website earned the Gold-Standard award for its functionality, content, usability and service by the American Association of Webmasters.

Lou Storiale managed this site from 2003-2006. As a consultant, Lou served as chief information architect on new content and usability specialist. Massive content uploading was involved for 18 months with 25% of the content translated into Spanish. Multiple web-based marketing campaigns were created including Google Adwords, government funded online contest (post Hurricane Katrina), mass email and newsletter campaigns.

nonprofit website design content management project

Center on Faith in Communities: Lou Storiale conducted html programming, usability and information architecture, e-commerce management and content management from 2003-2006.

Lou Storiale was project manager and trainer for ask-the expert applications, content management system and tracking databases. In addition, Storiale served as Web site advisor to the Director, Amy Sherman, PhD. Lou Storiale also completed extensive search engine optimization for the Center on Faith in Communities in June, 2009.

nonprofit pharmaceutical education project

Pharmaceutical Education and Research Institute (PERI, Inc): As Distance Education Manager and Webmaster, Lou created 4 online courses related to pharmaceutical testing and drug development marketed to top pharmaceutical companies. Lou conducted instructional design, programming, animation, subject matter expert recruitment, course administration, and learning management integration for 4 courses.

Lou spearheaded the redesign of PERI's website, content management of course information, and served on the marketing team for new logo development.

Lou Storiale has also assisted numerous start-up companies, individuals, and nonprofit organizations in developing and managing their websites and e-marketing strategies.

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