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Triple Digit Percentage Increases in Weeks, Not Years.

Most companies claim their search consultants are experts, but they were in grade school when Lou Storiale began taking sites to Google's first page in 2001 - that's a fact.

We increase the visibility of your site with innovative and proven content creation and improvement, function-driven content that includes incentives, benefits, social proof, and more. Improve your page position and click-through rates in weeks, not months.

Ironclad Ad Copy to ensure searchers are compelled to click on YOUR listing. Congruent copy with unique, specific, and updated content makes it useful, so they stay on the site to register, call, or buy online.

How Does Lou Produce Massive Gains in Organic Search Revenue?

Lou Storiale has produced results greater than 1,200% increase in visibility, 100-220% increases in impressions, triple-digit percentage click increases, and organic search revenue that created more than $100M dollars over two years. All that has actually happened in the past 4 years.

1. We run through our best practices and proven strategies (see below), conduct gap analysis for your site and pages to ensure the proven techniques are reviewed, and document the progress.

2. We create a strategic plan to improve or implement these strategies over a set time period. Long agreements are sometimes required for large sites, but not always. This is why everyone should take advantage of the FREE Consultation to learn more.


Website Structure

We always improve the one area of a site that is 100% in your control - the structure. The website structure is extremely important to high ranking website since the ability to be crawled and indexed is often determined by the programming of a site.

Few sites rank well that are not programmed well. JavaScript, in some cases, makes it difficult for Google to crawl if not programmed correctly. Analyzing the website structure and finding mistakes, errors, and opportunities is very important to improve the ranking of a site.

If a site can't be crawled or indexed, the content quality and popularity do not matter. Search engines must be able to make sense of the content and context of the site.

There are multiple areas of a site structure that can be improved including:

  • Crawlability
  • Indexability
  • Canonicals
  • Proper Redirects (301, 302, 307)
  • Duplicate Content (page, ad copy, h1, h2)
  • Length of Ad Copy
  • Page Speed
  • Error Pages (404, 500)
  • Ad Copy vs Page Header
  • Image Sizes, Image Names, and Alt Tags
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • SSL Certificates
  • Comprehensive Site Structure/Taxonomy
  • Navigation & Breadcrumbs
  • Internal Linking
  • Plus Much More

Website Content


On the Internet, Useful Content is King. Take that to the bank.
Google and other search engines are slowly improving their ability to analyze the usefulness of site content. This includes algorithms like RankBrain (an artificial intelligence algorithm), the Panda Algorithm (analyzes page quality), and algorithms that determine if reviews are comprehensive and helpful to site visitors.

Content Audits and Consulting can be done to help you improve your page content so that your site ranks for more keyword phrases, pages rank higher on the search engine result pages, and we even coach programmers, merchandisers, copywriters, and executive leadership. That's what we do and is always a part of our SEO 360 Services.

The most important areas of content development:

  • Competitive Research
  • Content Strategy Consulting
  • Useful Content Wins The Day
  • Comprehensive Product Content
  • Descriptive and Helpful Service Information
  • Site Build-Out
  • Informational Content
  • 10X Content | Skyscraper | Word Length
  • Duplicate Content (again)
  • Page Templates
    • Department Pages
    • Category Pages
    • Subcategory Pages
    • Brand Pages
    • Brand + Category Pages
    • Review Pages
  • User-Generated Content
  • Improving Blog Content
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Question/Answer
  • FAQ
  • Video + Transcript Content
  • Plus Much More

There are so many different ways to create best content on the internet for your business, but your need a strategy that works, then work the strategy.

Popularity: Google's Updated PageRank Algorithm

Website popularity is like high school popularity. It is not how rich a person is (cost of site), good-looking (site design), or how smart they are (number of pages) - it is about how many people know you (relevant links). We measure this on the web by the number of relevant links and congruent referring domains.

On the web, Google measures popularity by four things:

  1. Number of Relevant Back Links
  2. Number of Relevant Referring Domains
  3. The Relevancy Of Those Links, Site, & Content Surrounding Those Links
    • Is the anchor text congruent with your site content?
    • Is the subject matter similar to yours?
  4. The Popularity of the Sites Linking To Yours

Gaining or buying as many links to a website as possible is antiquated and could get your site throttled or outright banned. Relevant links from popular sites is the only linking building campaign that works.

What are the techniques that can gain the most and best links from popular sites?

seo linkbuilding outreach services

There are at least 16 different strategies to correctly build a popular site. Think about different ways to make yourself popular in High School. You might introduce yourself to others. We call that OUTREACH.

How are you going to demonstrate enough value to companies or sites so they will link to yours?

Perhaps you have something in common, perhaps you have similar content, perhaps your online tools are useful enough to compel them to link to your site. The same strategy for networking in life applies to website popularity.

Here are a few ways that Ethical Popularity Building can be achieved:

  1. Social Media Outreach - Indirectly affects popularity
  2. Broken Link Building
  3. Unlinked Mentions
  4. Actual Mentions
  5. Reputable Directories
  6. Competitor Conquesting
  7. SkyScraper Technique
  8. Ego-Bait
  9. Guest Posting (with a link)
  10. Brand Links/Partner Links
  11. Press Releases (request a link to the site)
  12. Create a Tool (people will link to it)
  13. Internal Linking! Always Share The Love
  14. YouTube Videos (and others) link in the description
  15. Forum and Blog Comments (real comments)
  16. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)
    • Reporters need stories and content. Help them out and they will put a link from their website content to your site
  17. There are many, many others

Stacking all three optimization strategies is the only way to compete and beat national online competitors whether it is for e-commerce products, B2C or B2B services, digital apps, or informational content.

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