Advanced E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

We Provide HTML Mark-Up That Is User-Friendly, Scannable, Readable, and Well-Formed

Useful web content should be included on just about every page on your site. In , it is necessary to have useful content that is formatted in a way that makes the page content readable and scannable. This type of formatting and coding allows the visitor to quickly scan a page to ensure it is congruent with the searchers expectations. They will stay on the page and investigate further into the site. This helps that page rank better and allows a person to experience the content fully.

Website content that is programmed effectively, makes your web space attractive and useful, which compels your customers to return to YOUR website.

5 Reasons To Have A Professional Mark-Up Your Page Content

1. Reliable source to add, edit, delete content
We do this for a living and we work hard to create fast turn-around times. An addition to your normal website team to help meet your deadlines.

2. Beautiful content layout
No one likes to read large amounts of text blocked in large paragraphs for scrollable page after scrollable page. Professional mark-up allows your content to look aesthetically pleasing.

3. Easily readable and scannable content
Professional mark-up allows the reader to scan the page easier and to read your content fully. Well-scanned content ensures a visitor can assess if the content is congruent with their expectations. This should be done within 2-4 seconds. Good content often requires an experienced professional to make that content readable and scannable.

4. ADA compliant mark-up
Keep your site within guidelines and laws. Professional copywriters and HTML programmers live the world of ADA compliance, so this implementation is within our wheelhouse.

5. Fewer grammar mistakes and typos
Having an additional set of eyes to review the content is always a good thing. Often, typos are recognized and fixed during the process.

Storiale Consulting Group has an excellent team of professionals who are very skilled and experienced in writing, copywriting, editing, html, css, and database maintenance. To learn more about our services, Contact Us Today for a free consulation.