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Testimonials From Valued Clients, Employers & Colleagues

Lou Storiale has had the pleasure of working with great organizations. Here are some comments from past clients and colleagues.

"ETS Investigations has utilized Lou's services on multiple occassions over the last year. I would highly recommend him to companies large and small as he is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. His attention to detail was paramount in developing our web rankings and literally creating our web presence from scratch. Thank you for all your help Lou!!" David Ratkovich, Owner ETS Investigations, LLC & Licensed Illinois Private Investigator

"Let me start out by saying I really do appreciate what Lou did for my business!

I had hired a web designer and web developer in Dec 2008. By the time I had hired Lou my very expensive website had YET to be launched (and this was May 2010). So when I called Lou my website was 8 months past due.

Lou stepped up and kicked some tail feather. He got all the pieces in place and created working plans for everyone to complete (even me).

From here on out I will not do another project without Lou. Since the website has launched Lou has taught me so much about SEO, etc that it's mind boggling.

Lou is a must have for any website project or marketing plan. Hire him!" Sonia Roselli, Owner- Sonia Roselli Hair & Makeup Artist

"I contacted Lou with a rough budget proposal for designing a website from scratch. It is a project for a website that a friend and I initiated and now, wish to realize in form of a website. The feedback and input I received from Lou was just astonishing and absolutely overwhelming.

I really didn't expect such great in depth feedback and advice without even paying from it! Very knowledgable and reflective. It seriously blew my mind since favors like that I feel are unusual these days. I can only highly recommend Lou without any reservation!" Dominic B. (YELP Review)

"Lou Storiale and I have known each other since 1995. He approached me offering some suggestions for my website. I had been online for 6 years and was not getting any rankings.

I conceived of my website like a business card, more for validation than for marketing. Lou showed me how inefficient my site was; I couldn't even find my website when I put my own name into Google.

After 9 weeks, Lou had my website on Google's first page and ranking well for many keywords important to my profession. At Lou's suggestion, we decided that we needed an even better strategy. We changed the site to a WordPress Design. While keeping costs low, Lou created a remarkable number of additional pages of content -- not only to educate visitors about our company's services, but also to extend our reach online.

The new site launched successfully at the end of December; we anticipate even better search results in the coming weeks.

I will be updating this review again in February to let others know about the great job Lou Storiale is doing to quickly produce results and bring ETS into the 21st century with regard to online marketing." Bruce Graham, Owner ETS Investigations, LLC

"Clearly the best marketing company in Chicago. Lou treated me and my window tinting company like we were a Fortune 500 company.

My site is on Google's first page for over 22 different keyword phrases, so his search engine optimization is excellent. I didn't have anything in my budget for a custom website design, but Lou created a site anyway.

I now have over 36 reviews on Google, a great blue collar website, and people compliment my business all the time. They choose me because I listened to Lou and did what he told me to back in March. He knows his business.

Lou also helped me earn an extra $30,000 using pay per click ads. I didn't know anything about them, but Storiale Consulting took the reigns and I began making money on day 1.

I couldn't be happier with the work Lou and his team did. My business is back on its feet today - and only after 6 months after Lou began working on my site and marketing online." Tony Terracciano, Owner Tints Unlimited

"We are a demanding organization that produces new content on a daily basis but, as a nonprofit, has a rather limited budget for marketing. In these challenging circumstances, Lou performed exceedingly well.

Lou rapidly, and with great vigor, created web sites for Institute scholars, donors and staff. Under his tenure, traffic on our web site increased 70 percent.

Lou worked well with our staff and Institute leadership in a collaborative process to design different sites and to make sure that both staff concerns and technical exigencies were met." Ken Weinstein, PhD & CEO, Hudson Institute, Inc.

"I relied heavily on Lou for his technical expertise and advice. He is responsive and careful with assignments and has high standards for quality control.

Lou displayed strong communications skills in training my staff (and others) on the Content Management System for the FASTEN site and on the use of other Web technologies. It is also particularly refreshing to work with Lou because, despite his technical expertise, he is able to communicate to non-technological people like me." Dr. Amy Sherman, Director, Center on Faith in Communities & FASTEN

"Storiale Consulting Group delivered so much more than I expected!

Not only is the web design tasteful - the marketing knowledge behind it is priceless! It's great to work with someone who does extensive research on your business - so that you can see the consumers perspective.

I am impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail. Most impressed with - the time taken to explain things to me in a way I can understand how things work." Rochelle Prette, Owner, Prette Hair

"Lou Storiale had totally revamped my web page and the response I got from my colleagues, vendors, past and future customers have been nothing but positive. My Google searches place me from number one or somewhere on the first page. He has assembled a good team of tech and creative professionals to really make you stand out. He is always helpful and resourceful when I have questions or concerns and he will go the extra mile to make you successful. I highly recommend Lou and his team of professionals." James Westring, Owner, Westring Construction, LLC

"I met Lou through LinkedIn when I needed help setting up my blog. Lou is a professional whose knowledge of the web far exceeds others that I have met. Unlike many other internet marketing folks, he is very knowledgeable and is very willing to share his knowledge with you. Lou also has the knack of explaining technical aspects in layman's terms. Lou also is not afraid that he may not know something, but he will get back to you with an answer." Diane Nissen Friedman, Owner, New Jersey Money Coach

"Finally!!! A marketing group that actually does exactly what they claim they can do! When I met Lou I thought he was just like one of the many internet marketing people that contact me everyday. His offer sounded too good to be true so I took him up on it without any risk to me. Within weeks I saw my rankings rise dramatically and the hits on my site went out the roof. My business has increased and most of it is through internet contact with clients. I would highly recommend Storiale Consulting Group for all your internet marketing needs!" Mike Tootelian, Owner, 1on1 Fitness Training and Mike Tootelian Realty

"Storiale Consulting has lots of experience, which comes in handy for any scope of project that you have. Deadlines are always met and they're always looking for the most efficient, and least expensive, way to get the job done." Troy Bara, Website Programmer & Storiale Consulting Group Preferred Partner

"“I worked with Lou for several years, first during his time at Hudson Institute and later at Storiale Consulting. Lou's dedication to his career was unwavering and it showed. Constantly studying to sharpen his skills, he was always ahead of the game--and in IT, that's saying something. He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.” Jennifer Butsch Petit, Director of Marketing Communications , Hudson Institute

“Lou and I worked together several years ago and have kept in touch since then. He is a highly-dependable and very capable technology expert. I have always found Lou to be willing to help and ready to explain the sometimes arcane world of IT. He has broad-based skills that are applicable across a number of disciplines and/or industries.

I would recommend him for any job for which you are considering him. Finally, I would be happy to discuss specifics with anyone who has questions.

Sincerely, Larry Smith” Larry Smith, Deputy Director - Civil Society , Hudson Institute

"Lou did an outstanding job managing the update of our web site in a very short time frame. He used sound methodologies, expertise and best-practices to produce results that exceeded my expectations. His communication throughout the process was extremely effective and provided my team the tools needed to present a seamless transition for our customers. I would highly recommend Lou’s work and am grateful for the opportunity to work with him in our organization." Brett Whiffen, Director, TeleSolutions - Professional Education Institute

"Lou is definitely an awesome user experience guru. It was my pleasure working with him on the Carleton sheets website. We both had a vision on making the website a more user friendly site. Working together we made our vision a reality. I would recommend him for anyone's website needs. I look forward to working with him on future projects." Kelly Zimmerman, Designer - Carletonsheets.com

"Lou did an outstanding job in managing the people and resources to create a successful online product. In his work on CarletonSheets.com, Lou was faced with tight deadlines. He did an excellent job of juggling competing objectives and interests to create a website properly optimized for users and search engines." Phil Ayres, Director of Web Strategy - Professional Education Institute

"I worked with Lou at the Association of Legal Administrators where he served as the Web Manager. Lou′s work was always of the highest caliber and consistent with best practices in usability. While there, Lou and his team managed a full website redesign while concurrently working on the day-to-day demands of an association requiring new projects and updates to the web.

As a program manager, I had multiple projects that required closely working with with Lou and his Web team. The work on these projects was always on time, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Lou′s knowledge of usability, programming, and internet marketing processes consistently helped the professional development department achieve important strategic and business goals." Kelly Chrouser, PhD, Association of Legal Administrators

"Our visitors love the new look of the site, and it is so much easier to find material. Even after the site was live, Lou has been helpful with follow-up advice and questions we′ve had for him. I hope we can work with Lou again." Don Wedd, Member Services Manager, National Community Tax Coalition

"I grew to rely heavily on Mr. Storiale′s exceptional project management skills." Alan Dowd, Senior Fellow, Sagamore Institute, Inc.

"We had a major problem with our website that no company could resolve. We had several different companies try and fix our problem but no one wanted to spend the time on it that Lou did. Our business is important to us and I would not trust it to anyone else. Storiale Consulting is a big reason our business is so successful today." Kevin Hutts, Owner, Moon Walk Madness, LLC