Advanced E-commerce Search Engine Optimization

Website Writing & Editing Services for Small Businesses, E-commerce, and Nonprofit Organizations.

The most difficult aspect of digital marketing is writing useful, comprehensive content that produces results. This writing style takes knowledge, skill, experience, and commitment.

  • Writing content on the web requires a combination of creativity and brevity.
  • Good content is comprehensive, yet has no fluff.
  • A product description that convinces someone to purchase an item from YOUR website has to paint a picture in the visitor’s mind using bullet points.
  • Ad copy must entice a person to click on that listing and include important keywords like:
    • Congruent keyword phrase
    • Incentives
    • Benefits
    • Geographical location
    • Target audience
    • Activities
    • Branding

A masterpiece article is one that ranks on the first page for numerous keyword phrases, gets thousands of shares, and earns hundreds of backlinks from relevant high-authority websites.

This type of writing takes years to perfect.

Creating a page that can be scanned quickly by a visitor is crucial for success.

What Type of Writing, Editing, and Punch-Ups Can We Deliver For Your Business?

  • Content Research and Recommendations
  • E-commerce List Page Content
  • Strategic Descriptions with Internal Linking
  • Articles
  • White-Papers (PDFs to HTML)
  • Book Reviews
  • Blogs (We don't write them, we improve them)
  • Q&A Pre-Population
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Creating Comprehensive Content You Haven't Thought Of Yet
  • How-To Guides
  • Outlining Consultation

Our greatest asset is knowing what works on the web with people and search engines. We can help your business or team build a site better than your online competition, get ranked, get links, and get customers.

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