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Sizzle: Chapter 12: Labeling & Natural Language Processing - A Preview

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This chapter of the book, Sizzle: An E-commerce Revolution - Advanced E-commerce SEO, is Chapter 12: Labeling & Natural Language Processing

A Preview:

If you name an entire Department ‘Men’s’ it won't make sense when you're writing a paragraph that begins:

We have 1,250 shoes inside of our men's.’

This type of sentence just does not make sense. What we want to do is future-proof our information architecture including our navigation labels so that we can use those labels inside of a sentence.”

“We may also want to create an alternative to a navigation label that can be used within the sentence, but we always want to make sure that we are strategically thinking ahead so that the words that we are using, and the descriptions also accomplish three things:

  • The word describes the department accurately
  • The word is intuitive to the shopper
  • The word flows naturally when we use it in a sentence no matter how it is used in a sentence.

This is the part that requires collaboration between marketing, search engine optimization, UX, programmers and our database engineers.”

Forward thinking is required.

Google (John Mueller) confirmed in 2020 that simply listing a bunch of products in a grid does not help search engines determine what that page is all about. It takes text and context.

“There’s also the situation where an e-commerce page has absolutely no informational content at all and is essentially just a list of products and from our point of view that is also hard to parse because we don’t really know what this is about.

We might find different brand names, different type names listed there with an image embedded there with them, but we don’t really know are these shoes, shorts, sportswear, what is the overall goal of this page?

Some amount of informational content is good, no informational content is kind of problematic and too much informational content is problematic so you’re aiming for the center area there.”

~ John Mueller, Google Webmaster Central office hours Sept 8, 2020.

Proper navigation labels and alternatives are required when top-of-page content is generated.

Chapter 13: List of Updatable, Specific, Unique Information

This is the new paradigm of e-commerce search engine optimization.

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