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Digital Project Manager & SEO Manager


Digital Project Manager & SEO Expert

Storiale Consulting Group, Inc. / ClickHail

Successfully owned and operated a digital marketing company from 2003 – Present that included lead generation, sales, and negotiations with small business owners and large non-profit organizations.

Serve as the lead project manager in all projects, conducting technology staff recruiting and training (local and distributed teams), implementing all organic and paid search strategies for small businesses and content implementation and migration projects for large non-profit organizations, associations, and government institutions.

Programmed in HTML, CSS, ColdFusion, PHP and utilized 6 content management systems including Drupal, WordPress, Serena Collage, Joomla, Hudson’s proprietary CSM and I created a small business CMS with my programmer to ensure affordable and scalable solutions for clients. Conducted all sales and lead generation, sales presentations, project management, search engine optimization, content management, and customer service for over 40 companies over 10 years.


E-commerce SEO Analyst

Ecentria, Inc. (

  • Successfully implemented the organic search overhaul during the migration of ($6M) from Magento to Sabio for over 250,000 pages, 1,000 brands, 200 product categories.
  • Overhauled the organic search integrity for ($77M) and increased gross revenue by more than $55 million dollars over 2 years (67% from 2016 vs 2018). Worked with off-shore development teams and programmers weekly.
  • Invented and implemented function and specification driven content templates that raised ranking and click-through rates by 32% within 4 weeks. The result was over $700,000 in gross revenue increases by January 2017.
  • Successfully led monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistical presentations to CEO & Marketing Director including strategy sessions and implementation progress of monthly and quarterly SEO projects.
  • Created and delivered live and recorded training sessions for over 80 personnel including programmers, merchandisers, content writers, social media managers, and analytics professionals.
  • Deep analysis of statistics sourced from five 3rd party tools to review trends and develop strategies to improve the quality of the site performance.
  • Reversed Black-Hat SEO tactics and managed out of algorithmic and manual penalties resulting in unprecedented organic search revenue and growth.


Website Manager

Association of Legal Administrators

  • Managed the website redesign and migration of a 600-page site with a team of 3 programmers and designers in 3 months and launched 1 day early. Utilized Scrum Agile Practices and M.S. Project for all project tasks, tracking and reporting. Led strategy meetings and conducted weekly C-level reporting with the Executive Director.
  • Managed all scheduled website changes to Aqualogic Portal including member access, readability, usability and quality control. Implemented Single Sign-On access for members with in-house programming and implementation.
  • Managed and conducted all Project Phase 2 usability studies including surveys, heuristic evaluations and off-site user-testing. This resulted in usability changes based on real-world site usage and member feedback.
  • Improved event registrations process and cut total registration time by 90% while integrating site, payment data, and accounting database integration saving ALA more than 40 hours of double entry registration administration. Saved ALA over $600,000 over 5 years by eliminating proprietary portal fees.

2001 - 2003


Hudson Institute

  • Managed a comprehensive website redesign, rebranding, and structural overhaul of + 14 micro-sites that included more than 10,000 pages of content including Op-Eds, articles, book reviews, white-papers; an e-commerce bookstore; a quarterly online magazine (American Outlook) with more than 50,000 subscribers and more than 50 content contributors. Coded in HTML, ColdFusion, SQL Server Administration, and CSS.
  • Managed vendors in the database development, programming, architecture, and functionality of a custom content management system that rivaled any out-of-the-box CMS at that time. Included functionality for shared resources across policy centers, bio profile with all written content, ability to add, ghost, and delete entire policy centers. Hudson Institute utilized this content management system from April 2002 until 2013.
  • Served as the project manager, content manager, and search engine optimization manager for 6 years (2001-2007) as an employee and vendor through 2007. Trained researchers and staff on content management system and SEO basics.


Distance Education Manager & Webmaster

PERI, Inc.

  • Revolutionized the Distance Education Department at PERI, Inc. by creating 4 accredited online courses for MDs, nurses and medical personnel in the pharmaceutical field. Each course ranged from 8 to 16 contact hours and received accreditation from CME, VNA and California Nurses Association. These courses are still being utilized and sold today.
  • Awarded Online Technology Education Award by Pharma in March, 2001 for “Good Clinical Practices” course.
  • Conducted all instructional design, worked closely with subject matter experts (MDs PhDs) to create content, did all HTML programming, JavaScript, Flash interactivity, and utilized WebCT (Now Blackboard) to publish courses. I spent 10-16 hours a day including weekends and holidays learning and implementing best practices to create and grow a new department. This time solidified my passion for online technology.
  • Managed outside vendors in the reprogramming of from HTML to ColdFusion & SQL Server.
  • Participated on the rebranding marketing team for PERI’s new site design and logo.


Specialist, Delta Company, 3d U.S. Infantry "The Old Guard"

U.S. Army

The 3rd Infantry Regiment's mission is to conduct memorial affairs, ceremonies and special events to represent the U.S. Army to America and the World.

  • I performed over 850 missions in and around the Washington D.C. area including Arlington National Cemetery, The Capitol Building, and The White House.
  • Trained and managed team of 6 soldiers to perform military duties, conduct, physical fitness, and daily inspections.


• 1 Army Commendation Medal
 • 1 Good Conduct Medal • 2 Army Achievement Medals • 3 Certificates of Achievement
 • 1 Order of Hamby



Project Management Classes

Ecentria, Inc.

6 internal courses in project management in an e-commerce environment.


IT Project Management

DePaul University

Classes in IT Project Management - 4.0 GPA


Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute (

Earned the PMP certification from 2009-2018.


Scrum Master Certification

Danube Technologies

Earned the Scum Master Certification (Agile Project Management) in 2008 in Washington D.C. in 2008 and managed website projects based on Scrum from 2009-2014


MBA Classes (2)

Benedictine University

Took 2 classes at Benedictine University and earned a 4.0 GPA.


Bachelors Degree

Ball State University

Graphic Arts Management with a minor in Marketing

Project Management

Website Project Management

Project Planning

Team Building

Client Communications

Technical Knowledge

On-Time Delivery


E-Commerce SEO

Local Paid Advertisement

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

E-commerce Copywriting

Advanced E-commerce Analytics

User Interface



Heuristic Evaluation

Information Architecture

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